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The Amsterdam Jordaan has many unique places. But what are the best typical Jordan hotspots of the moment? Are you looking for hip and trendy, vegan , culinary or just a fun night out? In this blog we will take you on a voyage of discovery through the Jordaan. Are you ready?

1. Restaurant Bij Ons In De Jordaan

We step right away with one of the most popular restaurants in the Jordaan, Restaurant ‘Bij Ons In De Jordaan’. Located in a unique old building on the Westerstraat you will be brought back to the authentic Jordanian atmosphere of the 20th century. Chandeliers, a centrally located bar, wooden tables and paintings that remind you of the ‘good old days’.

Despite the fact that the restaurant only exists since 2016, it has built a very good name in the Jordaan. Reservation is therefore a plus. The restaurant mainly attracts curious tourists but also ordinary day-trippers will find their place here.

A look at the menu also leaves no misunderstanding about which neighborhood you have ended up in. From Tante Leen, Willeke Alberti, Bolle Jan to Johnny Jordaan, they are all on the menu. Whether you want to brunch or opt for a dinner, the menu is very diverse and contains meat and fish as well as vegetarian dishes.

TIP: Choose the Jordanian picobello with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes as a starter, Tournedos De Jordaan as main course and Jordanian banana split as dessert. And all that in combination with a good glass of wine. Top evening assured!

Visit Restaurant Bij Ons In De Jordaan at Westerstraat 76 in Amsterdam.

2. Café Sonneveld

Who says Jordaan, says Wim Sonneveld. One of the most striking artists of the 20th century. In addition to being a very talented artist, Wim Sonneveld also committed himself to good causes. For example, together with several figureheads from the world of artists and municipal politics, he was responsible on 22 February 1962 for the foundation of the Permanent Applause Foundation. This foundation was committed to financially supporting ‘artists from the entertainment world’ where necessary and to support the performance of the profession as an artist. To this day, the foundation is active and owner of the Sonneveld building. In the café you will find more than enough references to Wim Sonneveld. For example, you can find the original logo that Wim Sonneveld used on his stationery above the entrance of the building. The café is located in the heart of the Jordaan and has a unique view of the Westerkerk. Whether you want lunch or dinner, the café is open all week from 11:00.

The café would not bear the name of Wim Sonneveld if this is not reflected in the dishes. From Broodje Sonneveld to Spareribs Sonneveld everything is all about Wim Sonneveld. The café has a romantic atmosphere and is ideal for couples. But groups of up to 80 people are also welcome.

The staff is extremely friendly and can also tell you more about Wim Sonneveld (in all languages). Definitely recommended if you are interested in the history of the Jordaan.

Given the tourist location it is advisable to reserve for a place and then preferably choose a place outside to enjoy the Amsterdam canals and the unique view of the Westerkerk. Visit café Sonneveld at the Egelantiersgracht 72 – 74 in Amsterdam.

3. Café restaurant de Reiger

The Jordaan has a rich history and café restaurant de Reiger is certainly part of it. The cafe restaurant was founded in 1896 and was then called Café ‘Centrum’ where visitors who had touched the bottle a little too well had the opportunity to stay the night.

In the 1980s, before the current owner took over the property and named it ‘De Reiger’, it was a ‘hip’ café, where food and service were a side issue. The ceiling was lowered and the authentic interior neglected. Eventually the 80s ceiling was demolished and the original ceiling was restored to its original state. The style is described between authenticity, Jugendstil and Art Deco influences.

In the café they serve six beers on tap, both Belgian and Amstel, and serve four delicious house wines. The drinks are seasonal: Bokbier in autumn, mulled wine in winter and Prosecco in summer.
De Reiger serves meat, fish and vegetarian dishes of honest, Burgundian quality. The spare ribs are notorious and famous in Amsterdam. As one of the few pub restaurants in the Jordaan it is not possible to make a reservation. Fortunately, the ministry always knows where to find a place.

About the well-known spare ribs we can be short. Perfect! As a lover of meat are the spare ribs definitely recommended. The meat is super cooked, literally falls off the bone and has a very rich taste. Curious? Then take a look at the Nieuwe Leliestraat 34 in Amsterdam.

4. Eatery Rosereijn

At the edge of the Jordaan on the Haarlemmerdijk is the cozy cafe Rosereijn . The café is characterized by extremely friendly staff, an authentic interior and typical Dutch dishes. The café is also open all day so you can enjoy lunch, brunch or dinner.
Due to its central location on the Haarlemmerdijk, the café is ideal for combining with a day of shopping or with the luxury cinema The Movies on the Haarlemmerdijk.

The menu is very diverse with daily specials, sandwiches and even pancakes. In addition, there is plenty of choice of vegetarian dishes that make the café accessible to everyone. What is definitely recommended is a lunch with the homemade apple pie and the best cup of coffee in Amsterdam.Also the steak, chips and burgers have a lot of enthusiasts.
When visiting the Jordaan, the café Rosereijn is definitely recommended.

5. The bowler hat

As a closing point we go all-in Vegan . De Bolhoed is a snack bar where you can only eat organic, vegan and vegetarian. The café is located in a beautiful location on the Prinsengracht and has a homely atmosphere. The staff is very welcoming and is very helpful in finding the right dish, even if you are completely new to the world of organic, vegetarian and vegan . What is striking is that a lot of care is given to the layout of the dishes so it is almost a shame to eat everything. The dishes are also served noticeably fresh and have a rich taste. Furthermore, the freshly made soup dishes are definitely recommended as a lunch or as an appetizer during an extensive dinner.

The snack bar is open 7 days a week from 12:00 (Saturday 11:00 am) so there is always an opportunity to stop by. To attempt? Then visit the Prinsengracht 60 – 62 in the Jordaan.

If after reading this blog you still have doubts as to whether these cafes and restaurants suit you or if you have any suggestions for nice restaurants or cafes in the Jordaan, please send an email to info@amsterdamjordaan.com or leave a message below behind.

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