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Who regularly visits Amsterdam has probably seen or heard him on the Amsterdam canals, the man in the music boat. Perhaps music boats are a bit too big word since the ‘boat’ is only 1 by 2 meters, but especially for tourists he can not be forgotten from the Amsterdam street scene. With his trumpet and mini-organ, he makes Amsterdam’s most famous Amsterdam classics sound. But who is now the man behind the music boat. In this blog we tell you more about it.

De Notendop

The music boat is a striking appearance on the Amsterdam canals. With the brightly painted exterior, the flagpole, the Amsterdam tulips and the specially designed mini-organ you can not miss having seen the well-known music boat ‘De Notendop’. Whoever looks closely sees the name ‘De Notendop’ prominently on the front of the music boat and on the back the name ‘Music boat’. The name ‘De Notendop’ comes from the short written arrangements of 1 to 2 minutes that are written ‘in a nutshell’. The arrangements consist of several well-known Amsterdam classics and can be joined by everyone.

The Watermusican

The man behind the music boat ‘De Notendop’ calls himself ‘The water musician’ and has been making music from the water for over 25 years. His name is Reinier Sijpkens and is an avid musician who knows how to rewrite the most famous arrangements into a musical whole. What makes him so unique is that he manages to get even the complete church organs involved in his arrangements. With his trumpet and mini-organ he creates a cozy atmosphere for both tourists and residents of Amsterdam. Usually his performances last about 20 minutes and can be found on the most famous canals. He can also be seen regularly in other cities. Think of cities like Utrecht, Leiden, Delft, Gouda, Enkhuizen, Alkmaar, Oudewater, Bruges, Hoorn and even Venice.

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