Pride 2018

Best viewing point

It will be extremely busy during the parade, both on and off the water.  However, the route along the canals is several kilometers long, so there are plenty of excellent viewing spots. The best photo opportunities are on sides of the bridges, but those spots are taken usually hours before the parade starts.

The most popular spots are:
– on the Prinsengracht

– at the Magere Brug on Amstel river

– at the Eenhoornsluis at the end of the route

Keep in mind that the first boats will arrive on the beginning of the Prinsengracht about an hour after the official start.

After Parties

The street parties after the Canal Parade on start at around 16:00.  Spectators of the parade often go to Amstelveld (which is direct next to the route), the large main stage on Dam square (en route towards to Central Station) and Rembrandtplein.  These are large locations so you can easily bring a family or a group of friends. See our agenda for all other events and parties.

Travelling to the city centre

The best way is to arrive by public transport. Travel by train to Amsterdam Central Station and walk from there, or even better take a train to Amsterdam Zuid and from there the new metro line to Vijzelgracht. You will arrive in the middle of the parade!

Participating boats and order

The list of participating floats have been announced in March. The boat order is usually known a few days before the event. Every year, the parade consists out of floats of governments, NGOs, bars, clubs, parties and companies. Try to spot the famous people!

Participate with a boat

You can apply to participate on the Canal Parade from February via the website of the organization. In March there will be a draw to select 80 boats that can participate.Only those 80 selected boats can sail in the parade.

Other boats (less than 10 meter) which are not in the parade can lie ashore of the canal, if you get there early before the organization will close down the route early in the morning.
No music is allowed on boats lying ashore.

Joining in on a boat

We get many questions about joining a boat on the Canal Parade float. Most boats are organised by organisations and LGBT organisations of large companies. They usually invite only their empoyees, friends and relations.