Het ontsnappingsspel van het Rijksmuseum

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Find the secret formula!

It is long past closing time when Rijksmuseum employee Bert realises that he is not alone. He sees a shadow in the museum library. After a futile pursuit and further investigation, it turns out that a page containing a special formula has disappeared from the ancient book by Italian sorcerer and alchemist Allessandro Cagliostro.

This is the start of an exciting Escape Game. Are you going to make sure that the secret formula remains safe?

Thrilling adventure

In this Escape Game, you’ll experience the Rijksmuseum together in a unique way. The game can be played at two levels: together with friends, or with children ages 6 and up. Together with 2 to 5 people, you jump into the game and get to work as an investigator. A thrilling adventure for everyone, but only a few will reach the finish line. Making assignments and puzzles, but also solving riddles to find the disappeared page (with secret formula) of an age-old book. The escapade seems with all puzzles and puzzles on the famous escaperoom. But there is a big difference: you will not be locked up during this game. Throughout the museum there are indications that can help you in the search for the secret formula. Will you succeed? Book quickly: the game can be played this summer only!


The game has a touch of magic: through the old stories that you encounter during the quest and by one of the best-known magicians of Israel who helped to come up with the game.

The escapegame takes an hour and you play with 2 to 5 people. There are two versions of the game: one for adults (from 18 years) and one for children (6-18 years).


The Escape Game is an optional extra besides the normal ticket and can only be booked at the ticket counter of the Rijksmuseum. To safe time you can book an e-ticket for the Rijksmuseum below and quickly sign up for the Escape Game at the counter of the Rijksmuseum. Enjoy!

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