Jordaan Festival 2018

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From 24 to 27 August the well-known Jordaan Festival will start again with a variation of Dutch artists. On 24, 25 and 26 August the festival will take place at the Appeltjesmarkt and on 27 August at De La Mar theater.


The Jordaan Festival started on the Elandsgracht in 1975, but was moved to the Appeltjesmarkt because of the great interest. The Jordaan Festival is also seen as a breeding ground for new talent. For example, the festival provided Andre Hazes and Marco Borsato for their breakthrough among the general public. This year also several new but also renowned artists perform. For example Danny Froger, Mick Harren, Quincy, Peter Beense and Dries Roelvink are part of the party.

Jan de Bie is the organizer of the festival and has a nice anecdote: “They sometimes say that they have become known to me,” Jan says. But his most beautiful memory is a performance by AndrĂ© Hazes: “3000 men stood under umbrellas in the pouring rain to listen to AndrĂ©’s concert. Suddenly he walks all the way to the edge of the stage, pulls out his jacket and says, “You in the rain, I in the rain.” Spontaneously everyone took his umbrella down and enjoyed the rain. That’s great right? And then all those high hairstyles and worn out mascara of the women from the Jordaan, it did not look good, but it was fun! “

Program Jordaan Festival Friday

The Bolle Jan Show
On the first day of Het Jordaan Festival, the spectacular Bolle Jan Show with DJ Bert & friends traditionally takes place. The show starts at 20:00 and we continue until midnight at midnight!

With, among others, Pascal Redeker, Jeffrey Tanis & Danny Froger!

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Program Jordaan Festival Saturday

A lot of live performances from 15:00 to 24:00!

Our artists:
Remco Bourquin
Master Stu
Valentine Buijtenek
Eric Schreuder
Richelle from Ling
Ger Overmars
Dennis van Veen
Ramon Sandbergen
Martin Mundo
Oscar Harris
Connery Small
Kees Versluys
Armand Fuchs

And from 19.15 De Kanjers Show with:
Carina Le Moine, Tony Anderson, Peter Beense, Mike Peterson, Quincy, Robert Leroy, Johan Kettenburg, Mick Harren and Bart Brandjes!

The evening is presented by Wim Bohnenn!

Program Jordaan Festival Sunday

On Sundays we will enjoy a great series of fantastic live performances from 15:00 to 23:00 hrs!

The Grand final!

With: Liesbeth Vollenbrecht, Patrick Bakker, Sidney Bischoff, Peter Marnier, Rene Boon, Sandra Swart, Tony Anderson, Ruby of Urk, Patrick Kloos, Ernest, Daantje Lurks, Mario Broerse, Mike Peterson, Ramon Beense, Carina Le Moine, Bart Brandjes , Pierre van Dam, Danny Froger, Peter Beense, Denny Braaf, Robert Leroy, Mick Harren, Johan Kettenburg, Quincy, Dries Roelvink, Samantha Steenwijk and Django Wagner!

Jordaan Festival in DeLaMar

Celebrate the life song during this purebred Amsterdam folk festival. The Jordaan festival pays tribute to the heart-warming history of the Jordaan on the basis of the most beautiful songs. A special event that has existed since 1975 and is organized annually by Jan de Bie. During the closing of the Jordaan festival in DeLaMar, the popular Jordaan ensemble in traditional clothing sings delicious songs that have not been forgotten and should not be forgotten. And of course the audience is cordially invited to sing along!

More information about the Jordaan Festival? Then visit the Jordaan Festival Jordaan Festival website.